Rey Umali was born in the Philippines in 1960.  He moved to the United States with his family at age nine. Growing up in Saint Louis, Rey loved tennis and art. He attended Truman State University studying graphic design and marketing. He has over thirty years of experience working in these fields. Rey has received numerous design and marketing awards, including The American Graphic Design Award, The Arrow Award, Quill Awards, and The Printing Industries of America Award.

Apart from being a designer, Rey is a husband and father. He has been married for almost thirty years and has two children.

In September 2015, Rey was diagnosed with Multiple System Atropy (MSA) at the Mayo Clinic. MSA is a rare neurological disorder that impairs your body’s involuntary functions, including blood pressure, heart rate, bladder function and digestion. MSA, formerly Shy-Drager syndrome, is similar to Parkinson’s disease, and is a degenerative disease that usually develops during adulthood.

MSA is classified by two types: Parkinsonian and Cerebellar. Rey has Cerebellar MSA, meaning the predominant signs and symptoms are lack of muscle coordination. These symptoms include the impairment of movement and coordination; slurred, slow or low-volume speech; visual disturbances, such as blurred or double vision; and difficulty swallowing or chewing. Rey also suffers from some of the general symptoms of MSA, like postural hypotension, urinary and bowel dysfunction, sweating abnormalities, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular problems, and psychiatric problems.

There is currently no known cause or cure for MSA.

After being diagnosed with MSA, Rey Umali dedicated his time left to his family and his art. He currently lives in Saint Louis with his family. He spends his days painting in his art studio.

All wood panels are made by John Sullentrop. Also, a special thanks to Angela Umali, Julie Selsor, John Grizzell and Maddie Umali.

The website is dedicated to the paintings by Rey Umali to bring awareness to this rare disease. Please learn more about MSA at Defeat MSA.